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Our organization’s strategy allows us to cultivate direct business relationships with our three step process of quality of research, development, and implementation which includes the Jack T. Mann IPDE process.

Step 1:
MANN INSURANCE must know your business in order to provide proper insurance coverage. Initially, we RESEARCH an organization’s facilities, equipment, processes, personnel composition and additional operational factors. As we gather our data, we then customize options for the organization and provide assistance with questions or concerns that may arise. As we continue we also RESEARCH the insurance companies that have the specific underwriting appetite for the specific class of business.

Step 2:
MANN INSURANCE now takes any and all information gathered during our research together and places on the industry standard applications. At this moment we DEVELOP the strategy for marketing the risk to multiple carriers.

Step 3:
Our main concern is not only focused on building our business, but also in building a strong, long-term relationship with our clients. Once we evaluate all of the risks the customer potentially faces we arrive at the most positive solution for our client. At this point we IMPLEMENT the program that makes the most sense for our client.

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